Deceased Repatriation Services

INternational Repatriation services

International Deceased Transfer

Dealing with death can be one of the most difficult times of most peoples lives, particularly if death occurs away from home. Specialist skills are required in both preparation of the deceased and working through the myriad of documentation and procedures. Our skilled and qualified staff work with you to coordinate to ensure all laws and statutory requirements are met.

This includes:

  • Coroner, Hospitals, Doctors
  • Health Department
  • Death Registration Departments
  • Airlines, and or Agents
  • Consulates, embassies
  • Churches, Ministers, Priest etc for any religious or cultural requirements 
  • Most of all we work with you to ensure all your needs are met and the transfer is as smooth and expedient as possible.

We are here to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week



What Do I need to send someone overseas?

Identification Documents of the Deceased

This would normally be the passport of the deceased, but may includes other identity documents from the country of destination

Destination Details

Country , state, (province) town of destination, including full name, address and contact details of receiving funeral director or person to collect the deceased at the destination. Including name and address of burial or cremation ground at destination.

Are You Accompanying Your Loved One?

While some families prefer to travel on the same aircraft as their loved one, it is not necessary to do so. If you prefer to travel together we can assist in coordinating flights. we suggest you talk to us first.

Details of the Person Organising Repatriation

Details of the next of kin  responsible for organising repatriation include Full name, contact details and relationship to the deceased.

Q& A


How long Does it Take to Send Someone Overseas?

You should allow at least 7 - 10 days, however it will always depend on where your loved one is travelling and the country we need to coordinate with. 


Payment in full is required prior to the deceased leaving Australia. Costs can vary considerably depending on destination, airline, transit, weight and statutory fees

Is Embalming Required?

Yes, it is an airline and statutory requirement of many countries that the deceased has been properly prepared and sanitised. This prevents the need to keep the deceased in a cooled environment and aids the maintenance of the deceased during their travels. 

Can I Have A Funeral Here before Departure?

Yes, many families choose to have service here in Melbourne before departure, to enable relatives and friend to also be part of the funeral process