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Baha’i Funeral Customs

For many of us the Bahai religion is one we are not familiar with and for many one we haven’t heard of, yet in Melbourne and regional Victoria there is a thriving community. Learn what Baha’i Funeral Customs are.

What are the Baha’i Funeral Customs?

The Bahai faith is one of the most fascinating religions in the world today. Its roots go back to the mid-nineteenth century, when Bahá’u’lláh established it in Persia. Since then, it has become a global religion with millions of followers spanning the globe. The focus of the faith is on promoting spiritual values such as kindness, honesty, unity, and understanding. These values are enshrined in the teachings of the religion and are practiced by the devotees in their daily lives.

The Bahai community is organized around nine elected councils known as Spiritual Assemblies. They oversee the spiritual and social life of the Bahai communities across the globe. The Universal House of Justice located in Haifa, Israel, serves as the supreme governing body for the Bahai communities worldwide. With its vast network of followers, the Bahai faith has had a tremendous impact on society, and continues to do so to this day.

One of the most unique aspects of the Bahai faith is its approach to death. The faith teaches that death is simply the end of our physical journey and the start of a spiritual one. Funerary customs play a vital role in Bahai culture, providing an opportunity for family and friends to pay tribute to their loved ones and celebrate their spiritual journey. These customs include washing and scenting the deceased’s body with rosewater, placing a special Baha’i burial ring on their forefinger, and wrapping them in five sheets of silk or cotton.

The Bahai faith is all about celebrating life joyously. The faith places a strong emphasis on compassion, love, and unity, and encourages its adherents to live each day fully with an awareness of the spiritual journey we are all on. Anyone wishing to learn more about the Bahai faith in Australia can visit https://bahai.org.au/ and explore the rich and fascinating world of Bahai beliefs and practices.


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Robert Nelson Managing Director
Robert Nelson is a 5th Generation funeral director. He is Managing Director of Robert Nelson Funerals and ABC Cremations, based in Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia. he is past deputy Chairman of The Australian Institute of Embalmers, Past President of The Australian Funeral Directors Association (Victorian Division) and Past National Councillor of The Australian Funeral Directors Association and Member of The British Institute of Embalmers.