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Many people choose to pre-plan their funeral. Pre paid funerals or pre arranged funerals have a number of benefits. It means you can choose how you want your funeral and at a fixed price.

It provides you with peace of mind and eliminates the burden and stress on your family at the time of need.  

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What is the difference between pre paying and pre planning a funeral?

A Pre Paid Funeral, also referred to as a Fixed Price Funeral, is one where you and Robert Nelson Funerals establish the funeral goods and services that you wish to contract and pay for now, for provision at a future date. 

The cost of a Pre Paid Funeral is fixed, regardless of future price increases.

Your funds are invested in with Australian Friendly Society in strict accordance with the Funerals Act (1996) and the funds cannot be accessed until the funeral is provided; the funds are invested independently of Robert Nelson Funerals Pty Ltd.

A pre-payment of a funeral does not impact on your pension entitlement, and is not subject to an income or asset test.

A Pre Arranged Funeral is one where you and Robert Nelson Funerals Pty Ltd establish the funeral goods and services which you may utilise in the future.

Payment of the funeral is made when the service is conducted.

Pre arranging a funeral - Robert Nelson Funerals
What are the benefits of pre paid funerals?

What are the benefits that come from pre paying a funeral?

  • Pre Paying means that you avoid future cost increases in funerals 
  • All funeral arrangements and payment are already settled at time of need are are fixed price.
  • All funds pre paid by you are securely invested with Australian Friendly Society and meet the legal requirements of the pre paid funeral Act.
  • Your Pre arranged funeral give you Peace of Mind knowing your affairs are in order.